15 European Cities To Spend A Weekend In (When Can We Return To Travel)

We will return to travel. This is the mantra that you often hear repeated by those who want to leave. In a situation like the current world one and where possible trips for tourism to other countries are currently counted on the fingers of one hand, talking about travel is always difficult. Yet I want to be optimistic: it seems many countries are starting to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. It will also be for Italy. And so we will come back to travel too. Since I imagine the first post-pandemic trips to European destinations, why not imagine a nice weekend in Europe? I believe it will be possible. And so I have identified 15 European cities where to spend a weekend.

They are not necessarily all European Capitals but they are mostly cities of art. Consider visiting them starting on Friday morning and ending on Sunday evening. Enjoy the reading.


History has left a further mark on this city, in addition to the classic monuments and museums. I am not talking about the wall itself, which can be found in certain parts of the city or which is indicated with a line on the ground. Berlin is a city that from an architectural point of view has been split in two: the Soviet-style barracks and buildings in the part that was under Russian control, the more European-style buildings in the part under Western control. Walking through the streets of Berlin will almost seem to pass from Russia to Europe in a few meters.

Berlin for me is a wonderful city. The main square is Alexanderplatz with the Universal clock in its center.

Not to be missed in Berlin: the Cathedral, the Berlin Zoo, a walk on the Kurfürstendamm, one of the main streets of the city, the Brandenburg Gate, and the monument dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust or.

2. ROME.

The Eternal City is a city you never get tired of. The grandeur of the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums, and the Circus Maximus is the only witnesses of a resplendent empire and makes the visitor understand how powerful and beautiful Rome was.

In Rome, I also loved its streets in the historic center but above all its food: that of typical eating, such as carbonara or spaghetti with cacio e Pepe. I would go back to Rome just for this.

And then don’t miss the Vatican museums. Works of incredible beauty and unquantifiable value, the Vatican museums are worth the trip. The culmination of such beauty is the Sistine Chapel.

Rome deserves more than a weekend. But if the time you have available, my advice is to dedicate one day to the Vatican museums and the rest to the city itself.


Florence is one of the cities that goes perfectly with the weekend: having lived there for almost a year and having lived there, I can say that on a weekend you can visit the essential things with calm and tranquility. The things to see absolutely in Florence are the classics, namely visiting the Uffizi, the historic center, the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, and Palazzo Pitti.

Don’t forget to go and admire Florence from above from Piazzale Michelangelo.

I think Florence is also one of the best places I’ve eaten in my life. For me, the top is always at the Antico Vinaio: if you like Florentine schiacciata stuffed with cold cuts and everything and more, accompanied by good wine, this place is for you.


A weekend in Venice, whether it is romantic or not, is perhaps the most feasible and most beautiful thing you can do as soon as you return to travel. Because Venice is always a good idea. It doesn’t take many words to describe it.

Beyond Piazza San Marco and Rialto, my advice is to get lost in its streets and admire the lesser-known places. In the area of ​​the rafts is the Squero di San Trovaso, where they build the gondolas, or near Campo Manin is Scala Contarini del Bovolo, one of the most iconic stars in the world.

And if after visiting Venice in one day you want to discover its surroundings, I recommend you visit the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello.


London, compared to Florence and Venice, is the city in which a week is not enough. It is so beautiful and big that a selection must be made and a weekend in London would be too little. But if this is your time then my suggestion is not to miss the Westminster area which includes the Abbey itself, the outside visit to the Elizabeth Tower and the Houses of Parliament.

Then there is Buckingham Palace with the Changing of the Guard, Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square and finally the area from the Millennium Bridge to Tower Bridge. As a bonus, don’t miss Camden Town, the coolest area in all of London.


For me one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. Two days are enough to visit Seville and therefore spending a weekend in the capital of Andalusia is perfect. Seville is a city in full Andalusian style, full of colors, history, and tradition. Among its streets, it is possible to see Flamenco dancers – and I assure us that the show is guaranteed – real street artists.

The things not to be missed in Seville are undoubted: the Cathedral, the largest in Europe in Gothic style with the tomb of Christopher Columbus inside. El Alcazar, a beautiful Arabian-style palace with very nice gardens. The districts of Triana, the cradle of flamenco, and the barrio de Santa Cruz, characterized by very narrow streets. And then the most beautiful square in Europe, Plaza de España: an Arab-style square even if it was not built in this period. Its colors make it one of the most beautiful in all of Europe and the world. Seville is a city that will literally make you fall in love.


Valencia left me with a mixed opinion. Beautiful in the old part, ugly outside. But the visit to Valencia is highly recommended. A weekend can be enough. One day should be dedicated exclusively to the City of Science.

The City of Science is a series of scientific buildings, such as the Oceanographic, a gigantic Marine park, the Emispheric, an interactive cinema, and the Science Museum, an interactive museum.

Valencia, with the city of science, is also a city suitable for children. If you have children, give us a little thought about this city. Also because you will have the opportunity to taste the real Valencian Paella.


Madrid is a lively city 24 hours a day. The Spanish nightlife here is at its peak on weekends. If you are looking for nightlife where you are in the right place.

But Madrid is also history: it is impossible not to visit Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, the Prado museum, the Royal Palace, and the Buen Retiro Park.

If you plan to experience the city especially at night all this may be enough and also go to the Chueca district. Otherwise, if the nightlife doesn’t interest you, you can add the Reina Sofia museum.

As in London, a week would not be enough.


Zagreb was a wonderful surprise for me. A city on a human scale divided between the upper and lower cities, full of history and life. It is a difficult city to reach as it is not part of the main tourist itineraries but I assure you that it is worth the trip. A weekend is enough to visit the streets of Zagreb, the Dolac market, and its parks.

In Zagreb, if you are a coffee lover, go easy. The city is one of the largest coffee consumers in the world and drinking coffee on Saturday mornings is a real ritual.

I usually suggest visiting Zagreb with Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital.


Another city on a human scale easily visited in two days – and perhaps doing it on a weekend is too much -, where everything revolves around the Ljubljana Castle.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and as I said above it should be visited in tandem with Zagreb. Being outside the main tourist routes, Ljubljana is mostly accessible by car.

The main attraction remains the castle that dominates the capital of Slovenia from above, reachable by cable car. Do not miss the area along the river, populated by clubs on one side and the city market on the other.

And if you want to relax, a few steps from the center is Tivoli Park.


The beauty of the north. For me, Stockholm is a fine and delicate bridesmaid. Its sloping roof architecture in a city divided into several islands is a unique pearl in Europe. The heart of Stockholm is Gamla Stan, the old town, beautiful to admire at sunset.

But Stockholm also has a wild side and that is Djurgarden, the island east of the old city. Here is one of the most famous museums in Sweden, the Vasa Museet, dedicated to the Galleon Vasa, sunk on the first voyage. In addition to the Vasa, the island of Djurgarden must be explored on foot: a green corner full of animals a few steps from the center of the Swedish capital.


Visiting Budapest on a weekend from Friday to Sunday evening is ideal for seeing the Hungarian capital well.

My advice is not to miss the Budapest Castle and the Fishermen’s Bastion with a view of the Danube and the Parliament, walk the Chain Bridge and a part of the Danube bank where the Memorial of the Hungarian Jews on the Danube is located,  known as the shoes on the Danube and then go to visit the Cathedral of St. Stephen, is to take a guided tour of the synagogue. A little outside the center is Heroes’ Square.

And in the evening do not miss one of the many Ruin Pubs in the city.

In the midst of all this, take half a day to go to the Spa.

13. PARIS.

As with London, Madrid, and Rome, Paris also deserves more than a weekend.

For me, Paris is the most beautiful city in Europe. Here, too, a selection must be made. If you think that to visit the Louvre it takes a day and to climb the Eiffel Tower, another half day, you will understand how then the time available to see for example Montmartre, Notre Dame, the Lafayette galleries and the Latin districts, just for mention some things to see, both little. Just book your hotel & tickets to Paris and have a wonderful experience never to forget in your life.

But I assure you that Paris is not to be missed.


Unfortunately for me, Vienna was a disappointment for several reasons. However, it remains a beautiful, elegant, and majestic city.

Much of Vienna’s history revolves around Princess Sissi so you will understand how a visit to Schönnbrunn Palace is a must as well as the Belvedere. In the center, I recommend not to miss the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, beautiful and immense while outside the center there is the Prater and the wonderful houses in the Landstrasse district, built by the genius of the architect  Hundertwasser: they are asymmetrical houses with bright colors.


A beautiful surprise. This was Salzburg for me. A city that has enjoyed a strong influence on Europe in the past and which today attracts many visitors both for its beauty and for being the birthplace of Mozart.

In fact, here in Salzburg, you can visit both Mozart’s birthplace and the house where he lived his childhood. Half a day should be dedicated to the Salzburg Fortress, the only European fortress that has never been conquered – only once it was ceded to enemy hands but never conquered by force -.

Salzburg is also famous for its salt mines located outside the city. Here, too, half a day should be dedicated to the visit.


I hope these ideas on where to spend a weekend in Europe will be useful to you. I had to condense the attractions and select, according to my personal taste. I believe they can help you. Some cities lend themselves well to the weekend, others like the capitals, a little less so you will have to select. But to go back to travel, I would be satisfied with even three days. See you next and good weekend in Europe.


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