7 Top Places in the World to Spend Summer Season

It is an exciting thing for people to plan for summer vacations. They feel excited because the options are endless. Therefore, when you are searching for the best place to spend summer vacation, you should apply certain criteria to your search. Some places are seasonal. These places attract tourists during June, July and August. To visit these places, you will have to wait when all the attractions are open in these places. On the other hand, some places remain open for tourists across the year. Now, you will have to make your choice to visit the best place. Here, we will discuss the top seven places in the world to spend summer season.


London is the world-famous destination to spend summer season. March to May is the best time to visit this place. When you will visit London during the summer vacation, you should never forget to visit the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Big Ben etc. You can also do lots of things in London. Shopping, sightseeing and nightlife are the most important things to do in London. If you are visiting London from March to May, you must carry a light jacket with you. Wellesley Hotel, Good Hotel and Heston Hyde Hotel are the best places to stay in London. You should taste delicious fish and chips in London. These things will demand to come back for more.


No doubt, it is one of the best places to spend summer season. Greenland is providing a chance to the visitors to fulfil their dream of visiting the Arctic Circle. It is an ideal placeto enjoy scenic boat trips. Such trips will let you to visit different icebergs in the area. You will also get a chance to see the whales, walruses and other sea creatures. You should visit this summer holiday destination from June to September. DiskoBugt, Nuuk and Ilulissat are the best places to visit in Greenland. You can also do lots of things during this visit. Anyhow, you should never forget to do dog sledging, hiking and backpacking. During your visit to Greenland, you should pack an adequate amount of thermals and woollens.


Pokhara is providing the best chance to the visitors to get views of the stunning mountains especially when you spend summer season there. It is seeking the attention of adventure seekers, solo backpackers and nature lovers. There are lots of stunning mountains in the Pokhara. Due to these stunning mountains, it is providing scenic beauty to the visitors. While visiting Pokhara, you should not worry about expenses. Here, you can find lots of budget hotels and homestays. If you want to enjoy that place, you should visit that place from April to June. Mahindra Cave, Phewa Lake and Begans Lake are some must-visiting places in the Pokhara. No doubt, you will have to visit this place in the summer but you should still pack woollens and thermals.

Cape Town:

It is pleasant place to spend summer season. That’s why most people consider it the best place to visit during the summer vacations. Cape Town is allowing the visitors to make the visits on budget. On the top of Table Mountain, you should enjoy the cable car ride. There are lots of things to do and see in Cape Town. When you will do and see these things, you will never want to leave this place. You should visit this place from March to May. Robben Island Museum, Cape Point Nature Reserve and Signal Hill are the best places to visit in Cape Town. March, April and May are the best months to plan a tour to this place.

Salt Lake City:

As recommended by a dissertation help firm, if you want to spend summer season and most of your time in outdoor activities, this is the best place to visit during the summer vacations. Here, you will get unique experiences of beautiful beaches and pleasant weather. It is full of fascinating landscapes and pleasant weather. During the visits, people spend most of their time on the breathtaking beaches. September and October are the best months to plan a visit to this place. You can visit lots of places in Salt Lake City. Anyhow, Temple Square and Hogle Zoo are the must-visiting places in Salt Lake City. Wildlife photography and hiking are the best things to do in this city. The Dodo and Pallet are the best places to eat. After eating in the restaurants, you should leave a tip.


If you are on a budget and you are looking for a cheap place to spend summer season, Colombo is the best choice for you. Due to its pleasant weather and fascinating landscapes, it is famous among the visitors. You can visit lots of places during your visit to Colombo. Anyhow, Independence Memorial Hall, Paradise Road and Beira Lake are the best places to visit. You can also do lots of things in Colombo. During your visit to Colombo, you should visit the Galle Face Green, you should do the shopping and you should try Sri Lankan cuisine. It is also providing the best chance for the visitors to understand their culture. After understanding their culture, you should give respect to their culture.


It is a global trading port to spend summer season that is located in the north of Germany. That’s why we call it the gateway to the world. It is providing extraordinary experiences to the visitors. You can arrange your trip to Hamburg from May to October. During your visit to Hamburg, you should never forget to visit Heide Park, RickmerRickmers and Reeperbahn etc. You should stay at a stylish hotel in Hamburg. The visitors can also indulge in the famous cuisines. Hotel Bee Fang and Pyjama Park Hotel are the best places to stay in Hamburg. As we know that summer is the peak season for visitors in Germany. Therefore, you should arrange your trip in advance, including applying for your Germany tourist visa before you plan your holiday to this amazing place in Germany. Apart from this, never forget to shop at MaisonSuneve.

Before making a plan for a summer destination, you should consider lots of things. Therefore, you should not make a summer vacation plan hurriedly.

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