Bhangarh Fort As Most Haunted Places in India

We have heard a lot about the fort of Bhangarh, but today we tell you some such reasons, due to which this fort is considered the most haunted place in India.

1.   Situated in Hilly Region

Bhanagarh Fort is situated in a small village of Alwar in the hilly area close to Sariska Sanctuary. In most such hilly areas, the sounds of animals and jackals make this place more terrifying at night. Due to the calm environment in the hilly area, the sounds of animals resonate very loudly, which gives an experience like the voice of a ghost. Most people rarely go to the hilly areas at night because the reverberating sounds at night give a scary feeling in the hilly areas. Bhangarh has also become known as a terrifying place due to these sounds in its quiet environment.

2.   Trees Surrounding Area

The fort of Bhangarh, being in the hilly area, is surrounded by dense trees, giving a scary experience. When the wind blows in the calm atmosphere of Bhangarh, the sound of the leaves of the trees creates a scary feeling. When we see this fort from outside, it is surrounded by dense trees, and if someone wanders in this forest at night, no one will be able to help, and you will lose your life due to fear.

3.   2 KM far from Nearest Village

Bhangarh Fort is at a distance of 2 km from the nearby village, and no house has been built on this road because of haunted incidents, and also stay away from the ghosts. People from neighboring villages often come here only to grazing cattle during the day, but no one wants to come to this fort.

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4.   Story of Ratnavati & Balanath

A Tantrik named Balanath lived in this fort. His heart fell on Rani Ratnavati of Bhangarh Fort. To get Queen Ratnavati, he mixed the Vashikaran mantra in her perfume, but Ratnavati came to know about this secret and threw it away. Balanath died as soon as the glass of the perfume bottle broke and, before dying, cursed this fort to be desolate that after today no one will be able to survive in this fort. Due to this curse of the Tantrik, the fort of Bhangarh turned into ruins.

5.   Ruin from last 4 Centuries

Due to the curse of Tantrik, this place became desolate. After the incident, Mughals also tried to capture the fort, but all the soldiers were killed in this fort. After this, many kings wanted to rule this fort, but due to the curse given here, no one could stay in this fort for a long time due to the haunted incidents here. Thus, this fort is lonely for the last four centuries, due to which this place is considered the most haunted place in India.

6.   Stories by Local Villagers

Many journalists talked in the villages around this fort and wanted to know the truth about the fort, but heard the same story of Bhangarh fort on everyone’s tongue. Apart from these stories, they also made everyone aware of the terrible incidents happening in this fort. Many shepherds grazing cattle hear strange sounds near this fort, although the local villagers got used to all these. But the villagers forbid unknown people from going to this fort at night, but the nature of the human is always opposite and for which he refuses, and he does the same work, so many people tried to spend the night at this place. And the stories told by them make this place more frightening.

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7.   Scary Interior view of the fort

When we see the view inside this fort, it gives us a more scary feeling. There are four gates to enter this fort, but only one gate remains open for the visitors. There are more than five temples in this fort, which is proof that the population here was enough, which was destroyed. Due to the curse of that Tantrik, there is no roof on any house here, which narrates the terrible and haunting story here.

8.   TV shows and Movies related to Bhangarh

Many films and TV shows have been made based on Bhangarh Fort, which creates fear among the people. The episode of Fear Files show was shot in this fort based on Rani Laxmibai and the people working in that play. Two films named Bhangarh and Trip to Bhangarh have been made based on this fort. The stories of these movies and plays make this place all the scarier.

9.   Incidents at night

There have been more than 100 haunted incidents in Bhangarh Fort, which have been told in many articles over the internet. Some people have written on their blog the haunted incidents happening here at night, which give a feeling of ghosts here. In the coming days, many news channels keep telling the stories of Bhangarh Fort on their channel, due to which fear has been instilled in the people, and this place is taking a terrifying form.

10. Board of ASI of Entrance Prohibited after Sunset

Last but not least, the information hanging at the entrance of this fort is that no one can enter this fort after night. ASI himself has experienced supernatural powers in this fort, so he has put this information sheet. This information letter means that if any incident happens in this fort at night, then the government is not responsible for it because they had already warned them.

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