Drawing course to reproduce the surrounding environment

Drawing course to reproduce the surrounding environment. Nature is an ideal subject for artists: mountains, sea, forest, everything can act as a pretext for creating beautiful drawings. So why don’t you take your easel and start drawing too, during your walks in the middle of nature?

Simple geometric shapes, coloring, techniques, with or without drawing school, find out how to draw what surrounds you.

How to draw a mountain?

Among all the landscapes to draw, there are some wonderful ones: the mountains! Alps, Apennines, and – why not? – The Himalayas! Drawing mountains is a highly relaxing and restful activity. The calm atmosphere of the peaks has the power to soothe the soul of the artists.

There is no need to go all the way to Everest to draw the most beautiful mountains. Besides the fact that our mountain ranges also show breathtaking views, keep in mind that many artists choose to remove from photos found on the internet, in magazines, or newspapers. These models are efficient, as you can always carry them with you.

To find photos online, you can search on social networks such as Pinterest or Instagram: many photographers post beautiful images.

Of course, the best thing is always to immerse yourself in nature, to draw in detail what you have in front of your eyes. For this, you could take advantage of your holidays in the mountains or naturalist drawing internships. In this case, you will be accompanied by a mountain guide and a designer, and you will be given the best tips to illustrate the different landscapes, which parade before your eyes. These internships are often organized in small or medium-sized groups.

You can use all techniques to draw mountains: it all depends on the final result you want to obtain for your work. For example, some artists prefer to represent in pencil, while others prefer oil painting.

However, know that it will not be easy to always carry a canvas and an easel with you to paint the landscape if you go to the mountains.

Most artists who draw outside decide to use watercolor. It is condensed into a small, easily transportable palette; in addition, particular brushes are equipped with a small water tank inside them.

But, once again, all drawing techniques are possible: pastels, charcoal, stew,

Start sketching the mountain with a pencil and holding an eraser beside you. During this first phase of the drawing, the goal is to trace the main lines, drawing the shapes of the mountains.

You must, then, give depth to your mountains. Then, you can draw a hatch or paint the shadow areas of the hills with a pencil. It, of course, holds in case you choose not to color your final drawing.

If, on the other hand, you have thought about coloring it, you can use different shades to darken some areas compared to others.

How to make a drawing of a house?

To make house plans, organize the interior layout of rooms, or draw an urban landscape, the design of the houses will be a technical drawing. Perspective, the same used to design gardens, is also very useful for creating a building.

Several vanishing points may be indispensable to carry out a good house project. You will therefore have to be careful not to get lost among all the traced lines!

It is best, to begin with, a single house to study the basics. Then, little by little, you will be able to embark on the design of a multi-story and more complex home.

How do you draw a beach?

Drawing a beach is quite different from drawing a mountain! The keystone of the design of a beach lies in the shades of colors between the sand, the sea, and the sky. Some designers play on these colors to blend the sea with the atmosphere, obtaining techniques and artistic effects specific to each artist.

To start your beach drawing, just like for the mountain one, you will need to make a sketch. With the pencil and eraser, don’t be afraid to draw lines and strokes.And it’s not always necessary to erase mistakes. It is important to give free rein to the imagination without being fearful of being wrong. This way, your sketches will be progressively better. From here, we understand all the interest of using an erasable pencil at the beginning.

Afterward, you can move on to the stage of sketching or ink anchoring.It involves going over the lines you want to keep using a specific tool: colored pencils, pen, ink. Again, there are no precise rules.

Once this layer of ink is dry, you can erase the pencil strokes that don’t interest you with the eraser.

Another solution, used by many illustrators, consists of reproducing the final drawing in transparency.With the help of a light table or leaning on the glass of a window, place the sketch under the A4 (or A3) sheet on which you want the final drawing to remain, and thus copy the lines that interest you.

Once the drawing is completed, you can color with watercolor, markers, colored pencils, acrylics, pastels.

Our tips for creating a garden design

Among the pleasant landscapes to draw, the garden is at the top of the list. Gardening is part of the daily life of many people: green plants, flowers, vegetable gardens. In a garden, there is certainly no shortage of subjects to draw.

But even those who do not have a garden often have a park near their home, where they can go and get inspiration.

Learning to draw a garden is very enriching for a designer. You have to learn how to draw vegetation and even more animals.Again, it’s about observing the smallest detail.

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