Planning Holidays, Holding Parties and Events

The holiday is not only a few hours of fun but also a lot of preparatory work. If you are planning an event, there are many different factors to consider:

  • The number of those invited to the holiday;
  • Format of the event;
  • Length of leisure activities;
  • Budget.

It makes sense to plan for the holidays when drawing up a corporate event calendar or staff plan for the year, and take these additional costs into account when approving the annual budget.

But if in the annual budget you only assume the very fact of the holiday and determine the approximate amount for holding it, then all the details cannot be planned. The cost of renting venues, restaurants, and artists changes every season. For example, the New Year’s offer of restaurants and the cost of renting palaces for the New Year’s season is formed in October and, accordingly, before October you will not be able to make an accurate estimate or book a room.

Therefore, the approval of the budget for the event and the preparation for the holiday itself should begin no earlier than three months before this significant event. But also, no later than a month. Of course, it is possible to prepare for a holiday in a week or even in one evening. But with such an extreme organization, you will have to use only what is left, and on those far from favorable conditions that will be presented to you.

The expenditure part of the holiday budget can consist of the following parts:

  • Lease of the site;
  • Hall decoration;
  • Invitations (manufacturing and delivery costs);
  • Food and drinks;
  • Leading work;
  • Artists, show program, musical equipment;
  • Special effects;
  • Photo and video shooting;
  • Fare;
  • Souvenirs and gifts;
  • Payment for the services of the organizing company.

The celebration is determined by its program. Preparation for activities must begin with the choice of a festive format. Let’s see what types of events (holidays) can be arranged and what kind of program is required for them. For each form of leisure, a separate program is drawn up.

Varieties of game programs for the holidays

There are several forms of organizing the program of events and festive entertainment activities.

Game program

The form of holding such an event – a game – at the holiday does not require the preparation of the participants, however, a well-thought-out program is needed to organize. There are several options for holding a holiday:

  • Intellectual game;
  • Outdoor games inside the building or outdoors.
  • Build your drawing ideas

The length of the event depends on the age of the participants and the specifics of the holiday. The scenario plan is most often used as a description of the game and leisure program.

Competitive programs of the holiday

The organization of the event in the form of a game is also possible in the form of competitive activities:

  • KVN;
  • Tournament;
  • Other intellectual competitions.

A holiday in the form of a game is an excellent solution not only for a children’s party but also for an event in which adults participate. During games, people get the opportunity to escape from real life, forget about pressing problems and get the most out of what is happening.

In intellectual games, it is recommended to use combined forms of organizing such leisure activities so that fun competitions in ingenuity do not turn into a boring exam.


To conduct a theatrical program requires the preparation of a script and the presence of presenters. In their capacity, the organizers of the holiday most often act directly. The form of such leisure activities implies the obligatory construction of the plot in such a way that any participant in the event could play small roles or complete tasks.

Theatrical events can even be costumed, which will require advanced information on the topic of the performance. Planning and conducting events of this kind is rather complicated, so the process of creating a program can belong.

Spectacular event

Such a format of leisure activities as a spectacle is often chosen. The peculiarity of these holidays is that those invited to the event act mainly as spectators. This type of leisure program is quite laborious and requires complex preparation. Usually, a large number of people are invited to such holidays.

Such events can be:

  • Festivals;
  • Carnivals;
  • Presentations;
  • Ceremonies;
  • Festivities;
  • Contests;
  • Reviews.

Celebrations and events are challenging, but you will be rewarded with genuine admiration and gratitude from your guests.

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