A Special Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

Have you ever imagined how it would look like embracing the silent serenity of a desert before the sun awakes? It is so ethereal! Desert safari Dubai invites the travel enthusiasts to its vicinity early morning in order to experience the witchery of soul-refreshing dawn. On your way to exploring the Emirati city of Dubai, the utter tranquility of nature catches the attention and the beholder drowns in the compulsion of a sunrise like never before. Tourists from all over the world, as well as the locales, pick an early morning desert safari Dubai tour to enjoy the view of high sand dunes glimmering over the surface of the sand ocean which is incredibly appealing to watch over and over.

Let’s take a look into the magical aspects of desert safari Dubai spread in the early morning hours.

What to Expect from a Special Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

1.   Early Morning Pickup

A striking day at desert safari begins when you get picked up from your home or vacation rental in a 4×4 on and off-road car in the early morning between 4 to 5 am and it’ll take half an hour to 45 minutes to reach the red wonderland which seems drowned in darker hues upon the first gaze.

2. Few Magical Moments of Sightseeing

See the breathtaking early morning view of the striking natural asset of Dubai during its highest transitioning stage i.e from dark to lightening of dawn. Experience the exquisite and serene sightseeing of this conserved gem of the UAE  and get awed when your stare strikes the huge Arabian dunes, velvety sand, and limitless grainy ocean dipped in the silence of pre-sunrise. The first gaze to some wonder is always impulsive to forget and resides in the long-term memory. It’s totally exquisite!

3.  When It’s Time to Witness The Sunrise

The photographers, nature lovers, and travel enthusiasts avail the morning tour just for the sake of having the view of its compulsive sunrise. Get hypnotized for a while because you’d clearly want to wait and watch this time! Sunrise at desert safari in Dubai brings new dreams and a glimpse of a beautiful future only if you keep an eye to see that! It’s a rare sightseeing opportunity to see the first ray of light striking the high dunes before the wide sea of sand covers in sunbath. Witness it and capture it!

4.  A Couple of Enticing Activities in Sand

When you are finally free of the spell of sunrise, spend your time hitting the powdery Arabian sand in the enthralling vehicles which are the incredible means of adventurous sand sports. Many exciting activities such as dune bashing over high sand dunes for over 30 to 35 minutes, sandboarding in a streamlined motion, and frisky quad biking. One notable benefit of a morning desert safari trip is that you can enjoy these activities before the mercury strikes orange along with the reddening of the desert, without getting deprived of hydration. Camel and horse riding are other exceptional fun activities there that add more primacy to the fun part.

5.  A Morning at Campsite

Get delighted with the eventful camping experience in the silent panorama of desert safari Dubai. The camps take you to the traditional lifestyle of ancient Arabs and are filled with modern aged luxurious facilities. Take rest in your personalized “Khyma” or just feel the delight of observing the far and widely spread desert from a nomadic loophole. Morning camp at desert safari provides you a homey feel in the arms of high sand dunes whether you prefer staying in a private Bedouin camp or place camp of your own.

6. Bless Your Taste Buds

Unlock the door to access unlimited soft drinks and refreshments. Having breakfast on the velvety soft carpets with food served over wooden planks is what we call a folk Arabian lifestyle. Enjoy coffee, tea, and other refreshing drinks along with the divine eatery to the fullest in the midst of the beautiful conserved region of the UAE. The delicious and healthy breakfast is set out for the visitors in the customized menu of the Arabian and international meal.

7.  Photography Goes on Meanwhile

Are you a camera freak? If yes, a timeless experience in the morning at desert safari Dubai is the best frameset for you. Not just in the case of the myriad transitioning natural landscape, but also for the eyecatching fauna that resides here. Watching those wild animals is another adorable thing to catch in the early morning when they wake up before the sun. You’ll get to capture the resting desert swirling the little sandstorms that dance as the air wheezes. It’s a photographer’s paradise keeping a beautiful set for him to shoot the most epic shots among hundreds of props of nature!

8.  The Traditional Falcon Show

Another thing tourists, especially kids enjoy at desert safari’s morning delight is falconry. Take photos with falcons posing on your wrist or just grab them for the sake of committing a dare by your friend to show him you’re not afraid!

Falconry is the traditional heritage of the UAE that has become another complimentary perk of desert safari Dubai. The trained and majestic birds, falcons of the UAE await every tourist to show their swooping and diving actions which is spectacular to see!

9.   Farewells And Drop off

 Wave goodbye after four to six hours of unforgettable fun depending upon your picked itinerary. You’ll get dropped at your destination either hotel or home in a 4WD vehicle or reach by self-driven means.


Although desert safari is in a mystic nomad’s melody the whole time of the day, what peace seekers find in it in the early morning moments is exceptional. A trip to safari in the morning will take away your anxiety and leave you in tranquility upon embracing its silence away from the hustle-bustle of the city. It’s a great deal to experience serenity, adventure, and amusement at the start of a random day.

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