Shimla is the popular hill station and  the capital of the Indian state Himachal Pradesh in the Himalayan foothills. Shimla  also has an another name called the queen of hill stations. The vast area of  greenery and the beautiful lakes in the land of Shimla will let us enjoy their  beauty. Shimla is one of the most visited tourist places in Himachal Pradesh. In the times of British rule, they made Shimla as their summer capital.

Some of the leading attractions of Shimla which are very necessary to visit by any tourists are:

The Ridge:

It is at the center of the Shimla town and offers a spectacular view of mountain peaks of the world. It has a spacious open space that runs from east to west along the mall, which is another tourist attraction. This place connects the Scandal point in the west. The beautiful view of snow-clad mountains gives you a great experience.

Jackhoo Hill :

Jackhoo hill is the highest peak in the entire hill station which offers an awesome view of the city and snow-capped Himalayan mountains. It is 2km away from Shimla. It is a famous tourist attraction visited mostly by the nature lovers. On the Jackhoo hill, we can also find a large statue of Hanuman which is an ancient deity.

Kalka-Shimla Railway :

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site along with the Mountain railways of India. This was built in the year 1898 to connect Shimla with other railway lines of India by the British. A trip with this line gives visitors to enjoy the attractive views of Shimla.

Summer Hill:

A town located on the outskirts of Shimla which is also called as Potter’s hill. In those days this was the place where the potters used to gather clay to make pots. It offers a spectacular view of valleys and the greenery around. This hill is a bit of a cluster of seven hills.

Kufri :

It is located 17 km from Shimla which is a hill station and delights nature lovers. This is a must visited place by the tourists because of its stunning views it offers and also because of its status as an adventure hub.

Like this, we have many interesting places especially hill stations including Chail, Solan, and many more to visit in Shimla.

One of the interesting things about Shimla is people can visit it in any season during the year. This is information to know about Shimla.


Manali is a tourist resort which is situated in the mountains of the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is the northern end of the Kulu valley in the Beas river valley. It is located in the Kulu district. It is a small town with an 8096 population. It is a popular tourist destination and will help as the gateway to Lahaul, and Spiti district also.

This place is named Manali which has come after the Sanatan Hindu lawgiver Manu. Manali valley is also known as the Valley of Gods. The language used to speak in the town is the official language Hindi. The British people introduced apple trees in this area. The British has set up the first apple orchard near Patlikuhal. Once this was a small town which is now developed into a tourist place where many people come to enjoy the tour.

In this town, many of the people are engaged in the hospitality business. It has grown from a trading village to a small town. It is the jumping-off point for paragliding and rafting. The best time to visit Kulumanali is March to June, July to September, and October to February. The Manali  valley is popular  for its amazing hills and various temples. The Kulu valley is completely covered by deodar and pine forests. It is located between the lower and greater Himalayan ranges as well as the inner Himalayan ranges of the Pir Panjal.

Manali can be fully covered in 4 days. In Manali Tibetan and Himalayan handicrafts are a famous thing. It is famous for many food items like Mittha, Masala omelet, Khattha, Kullu trout, Pantande, Kadhi chawal, and many more. In these food items, Masala Omlet is their favorite breakfast which is consumed by the people of Himachal Pradesh.

Mainly October to June is the best time to visit Manali as it has a pleasant weather with some temperature range. Snowfall here is viewed from November end to early February.

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