Top 7 things to do in Chennai for an adrenaline rush

One of the most popular destinations for adventure travel, Chennai is an incredibly beautiful city that’s only gotten better with time.

With its ancient temples and modern infrastructure, it’s a bustling metropolis with a history as rich as its people. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do while in Chennai, then there’s nothing better than exploring the most exciting and thrilling side of the city. 

Even though this city is known for its diverse cultural landscape, there are many fascinating things to explore if you want to. There are a plethora of offbeat adventure activities that attract tourists from all over the country. So if you are someone who loves to seek thrill and get the adrenaline rush, Chennai won’t definitely disappoint you. Check out the following adventure places to visit in Chennai and add these fun and frolic activities to your bucket list.

The Eastern Ghats’ lovely peaks meeting the Bay of Bengal’s splendor make Chennai a wonderful place for trekking. The lush, green jungles and the challenging altitudes combine to create an exceptional adventure sports experience in Chennai. Take a trekking excursion to any of the stunning locations in and around Chennai whenever you need a break from the city.

1. Trekking and Mountain Camping

Ever thought of combining the excitement of camping with mountain climbing? Then give mountain camping a try; it’s a combination of camping and mountaineering and one of the most enjoyable adventure sports in Chennai. Many locations in and around Chennai, like Yelagiri, allow you to unwind, set up a tent, and take in the natural beauty of a mountaintop.

2. Scuba Diving

Chennai has a wide, expansive seashore that is perfect for taking in the splendors of the underwater world. The enticing beauty of Chennai’s magnificent marine life is unveiled when divers plunge beneath the calm, clear waters of this expansive and alluring shoreline.

Among all the places to go scuba diving, Covelong Beach is renowned for its clear waters that provide the ideal setting for shallow sea diving. The sea floor is rather smooth and the seashore is relatively shallow. You can definitely only engage in adventure activities like these in Chennai to fully experience marine life. There are some nearby pocket-friendly and comfortable Treebo Chennai Hotels you can definitely check out. 

3. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a challenging activity that one should unquestionably do in Chennai. You’ve all probably seen action heroes trying to scale mountains while hanging on a rope.  Chennai offers you the same opportunities in real life.  All you require is the tenacity of mind and physical power. You will be proud of yourself and feel so accomplished once you reach the top! There are numerous locations across the city where you can defy gravity and climb or descend on steep rocks and hillocks. If you wish to attempt this thrilling activity indoors, visit Adventure Zone or Fit Rock Arena.

4. Canyoning

When we say Chennai has something for everyone. This is what we mean. For all the water babies out there, Canyoning or Canyoneering is an extremely fun activity where you can climb, swim, dive into the waterfall and reach your destination. For this activity, you should go to IROC Adventures, or to experience this in the wild, you can canyon in the woods close to Chennai. You can also book Treebo Chennai Hotels for a comfortable stay. 

5. Parasailing, Paragliding, and Paramotoring

You may fly through the air and sail over the water in this city. One of the most popular adventure activities in Chennai is paragliding and parasailing, which allows you to glide through the air like an eagle. At Adventure Aerosports in Palavakkam, where there are seasoned instructors who are quite knowledgeable in their field, you can give paragliding a try.

You can start this magnificent voyage into the clouds in Chennai and quench your desire for high flight with Paramotoring or powered paragliding

One of Chennai’s most thrilling yet calming adventure sports lets you feel the wind in your face.  At Adventure Aerosports and Fly2Day, you can try this out.

6. Laser Tag and Paintball

If you are a fighter and love to take challenges on the battlefield, then Laser Tag is definitely the adventure sport for you to try in Chennai. The latest trend is grabbing the attention of youth and people of all age groups around the country. 

So hop into the arena and shoot down your enemies with the laser gun. You can also indulge in another thrilling shooting game called paintball. 

7. Ziplining

One of the most satisfying activities in Chennai has to be ziplining.  As you move down the zipline, you’ll inevitably feel like Tarzan. 

In Chennai, you may zip across the verdant landscape and past the lakes while you take in the breathtaking scenery and the surge of adrenaline coursing through your body. You may try this out at the Well-Wishers Adventure Club or the Wild Tribe Ranch.


Chennai is a city that has it all: beaches, mountains, and the ocean. It’s a place you can go for adventure travel and still have time to enjoy its nightlife. There are some amazing Chennai Hotels located near adventure amusement parks where you can have a pleasant stay. The city offers a wide range of activities, including hiking and rock climbing. 

So are you ready to go on an adventure?? Fuel up your adventure instincts and set on a fascinating trip to Chennai.


1. What is the best time to visit Chennai?

The pre-monsoon and winter months are the ideal times to visit Chennai. During these times, you are free to explore the city. If you want to have a nice time in Chennai without the heat or the rain, go there between October and February. it’s best to stay away from this city in the summer and during the monsoon. Also make sure to book best Chennai Hotels.

2. What are the water and aerial activities to do in Chennai?

On the beaches that surround Chennai, one can engage in a variety of water activities. Scuba diving, fishing, using a jet ski or banana boat, water zorbing, sailing, surfing, kayaking, taking a catamaran ride, and more activities can be enjoyed.

Some of the aerial activities that you can try are paragliding, ziplining, hand gliding, parasailing, and micro-flying. 

3.What are the basic things to keep in mind before trying any adventure sport?

Before you go on any adventure sports vacation, you should bear in mind a few basic things. Make research. Adventure sports can be thrilling, but you should also be aware of your safety. Check the state of your health. To endure the abrupt adrenaline rush associated with most adventure sports, you must be in good health.

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