Top 10 Places to visit in Srinagar

Srinagar is the city situated in Kashmir, it is field with most beautiful Places to visit in Srinagar. And we are here with some amazing beautiful and peaceful Places to visit in Srinagar.

1. Dal Lake

 Places to visit in Srinagar

On the start of our Kashmir tour, we stopped by to visit the famous Dal Lake. The boat ride on the clean waters was magnificent and serene. Mughal gardens gave way to a spectacular view, with colourful flowers filling the air and sunsets that warms up your heart. We were able to see both stunning blue sky and the transparent water that spread out in the distance from different parts of this scenic area. It is no doubt that this in one of the best Places to visit in Srinagar.

2. Shalimar Bagh

 Places to visit in Srinagar

The Shalimar Bagh garden is laid out in the Persian style and covers 31 acres of land. The garden was built in honor of Queen Noor Jahan by Shehenshah Jahangir, who was impressed by her beauty. Constructed on the perimeter of the Dal Lake and consisting of impeccable polished stone pathways, the garden boasts three terraced landscape views. Shalimar Bag is in the must Places to visit in Srinagar.

3. Shankaracharya Temple

 Places to visit in Srinagar

Dating back to 200 BC, the idol of Lord Shiva is on top of Shankaracharya Hill which is closest to a Buddhist temple. Being devoted in Shiva’s name, this temple is a prime spot for Buddhists as well. Trekking up this hill leads to the octagonal pavement from which you’ll have a breath-taking view of the valley below. The temple has been renovated several times and the grounds are beautiful. If you want to feel the peace this is the place for you this is one of the beautiful Places to visit in Srinagar.

4. Nigeen Lake

 Places to visit in Srinagar

In contrast, Nigeen Lake is a calmer lake with blue waters that blends between the mountains. Travelling on the shikara, which is a local Kashmiri boat, is one of the best experiences in Srinagar. The air here is clear and there are few tourists around because this spot is only accessible by boat or on foot-staging from the Dal Lake. Nigeen lake is the calmer place people who just wanna feel the nature this is the must Places to visit in Srinagar for you.

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5. Jamia Masjid

 Places to visit in Srinagar

With the acoustic mysteries standing in contrast to the surrounding busyness, of one of the holiest Islamic shrines of the country, Jamia Masjid is a site that has graced India since its inception. With a number of intricately carved wooden pillars attaining 370, this mosque reflects Indo-Saracenic architecture. Laid out elegantly amid the accurate square garden, it represents Unheard-Of-Magnitude in all forms. Jamia Masjid is one of the tourist Places to visit in Srinagar.

6. Hazratbal Shrine

 Places to visit in Srinagar

The majestic white dome surrounded by intricate red tilework that reflects in the waters of Dal Lake on its western shore is the Hazratbal Mosque. The mosque, being a prime Places to visit in Srinagar of worship for followers of Islam, holds the relics of the prophet Muhammad. The prominently marked building stands as a beautiful architectural edifice which stands superbly.

7. Pari Mahal

 Places to visit in Srinagar

The Pari Mahal garden, literally translated to the ‘palace of fairies’ this Places to visit in Srinagar, is built at an elevation with a view more expansive than that of the Dal Lake. The Pari Mahal garden has velvety green gardens, and is much older than the Mughal Era. The place was initially a monastery for the Buddhists and then became a learning institute for Emperor Shah Jahan’s son, Dara. From each terrace, you can see majestic views that outshine those from any other building in Kashmir.

8. Tulip Garden

 Places to visit in Srinagar

However, in recent years, a Tulip Garden opened in Srinagar. The largest one in Asia, it houses about 60 types of tulips that sprawl about 12 hectares to create the perfect view for tourists. The garden was built with the mission of enhancing tourism in the city and become the most visited Places to visit in Srinagar by tourists.

9. Apple Orchards

 Places to visit in Srinagar

One cannot skip visiting an apple orchard. The scent of the red and green pathways that are laden with trees and apple blossoms is really enchanting. One can wander through the orchards in Srinagar, but the experience of picking a bright, juicy apple right off the tree as well as eating it is too good to be real. The green meadows and fragrance of ripe apples on one’s palette fill one with a heavenly experience and this is the only reason that this apple Orchards are most famous Places to visit in Srinagar.

10. Kheer Bhawani Temple

 Places to visit in Srinagar

Dedicated to the Hindu goddess of prosperity, Bhawani, this temple is a site for Pandit Hindus. For centuries now it’s been a traditional Places to visit in Srinagar for Kashmiri Hindus to visit and offer donations for the offering of rice pudding, kheer. Within the confines of its ancient chinar trees, the temple has majestic slabs engraved with the Shri Ram Sutras. The temple is also associated with a sacred spring that is considered auspicious.

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