Top Treks To Do In Winter’s

Trail to cover snow carpet and cherish the lovely

In continuation to our best winter treks in India, here we will list some alternate yet beautiful and serene treks to trail. These are perfectly suitable in winters, i.e. between the months of December to February. One will definitely enjoy the alternate winter treks.Among many parameters our new winter trails are at par with the usual and popular winter trekking trails,Golden opportunity to run down the  blissful terrain, get your vibe here. Trekking during vacay is the thing not to miss ever. There are numerous gorgeous winter treks sketched  all over India’s map. Most of the treks can be located in the northern part of India although there are a few treks that can be jaunt in the central and southern region of India.

One longing for a pure solitude, serene,relaxing yet adventurous vacation .Trekking is a great and worthwhile thought to choose around the globe during snowy months. Trails to explore-trekking is a fun  interest for many youngsters as well as adults too. Journey is definitely gonna be super thrilling, momentous  yet challenging. Almost everyone with good health, fitness and dedication can expedite any trek. Performing activity and exploring the beauty of nature alone is a wholesome experience to relish and cherish throughout.

Winter Trail

In fact all the trails mentioned below are the top qualifier for the best winter treks in India.The best trek is here, just grab a seat and have amazingly gorgeous memories.

Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek is no doubt a must visit spot. It is extremely a place to mark the existence of a lifetime. It is unique in many aspects during cold and harsh winters be it geographically, geologically or culturally. Zanskar is an accepted avenue which the people of Zanskar use to connect themselves to Leh and other regions of Ladakh. In the winter when the Zanskar River freezes, the ice sheet is referred to as Chadar, that also means Cover.It takes at least a month after the onset of winter to form the Chadar.Call it a frozen river or Chase trek, it  is known as the most difficult Himalayan Treks. It raised the cravings of young lively souls that are way to find and crazy to experience the beautiful moments. Facing challenges is what awaits at the end with lovely worthwhile experiences  indulge in the pure satisfaction. For someone who is a new bud to trekking can be at a bigger risk. Gear up, check your list- fitness level, getting the right layers of clothing and other essentials to combat the weather at that altitude.  And to sum up, experience will be short of words ,as ‘amazing’ is an understatement for it..Chadar Trek is more about facing the harsh temperatures and being well prepared for it. I’m damn sure the excitement will induce a thousand questions.

Kuari Pass Trek

It lays out fantastic experiences and activities to relish by keeping aside the hustle-bustle of city life. It truly welcomes its visitors to a wonderland with snow capped mountains to roll on a crystal. Witness the divine adventure- Kuari pass trek, that definitely gonna be a serene getaway or break from the monotony of life and a box full of delight, freshness, liveliness and surprises. Witnessing the change from lushy flora and fauna to cozy chilly snow. The trail offers unrivalled views. The forests are absolutely stunning.October truly favours the wanderlust of the visitors to satisfy their crave for pleasure, tranquility,memorandum and thrilling adventure or experience located at Garhwal Himalayas in Nanda Devi biosphere.

Har Ki Dun

Start walking in 1 feet deep snow, climb up n down, cross frozen river, then walk beside her, this last one is a dream stretch.This 1 hour is unforgettable.u start seeing an innocent and purest soul – A Shiv Ling. That’s where your final destination is. To take a king’s stone type rock and face towards Swarga Rohini and the Valley Down. This is Breathtaking. It is purely Beyond the Imagination, Completely Divine that Makes one spellbound. You are Closest to yourself – if not here, then nowhere else.

Nag Tibba Winter Trek

Nag-tibba is one of the best treks to start with, in case you are new to himalayan trekking.There are two main routes to Nag tibba peak. One from Pantwari & second from Devalsari village.A wonderful trek that offers mesmerising views and thrill at every turn.

Spiti Winter Trail

Journey will lead you deep into the Himalayas through some unbelievable winter landscapes: a sea of snow that stretches as far as the eye can see; mountains that look like gigantic scoops of vanilla ice cream; frozen rivulets, lakes and waterfalls that look even more beautiful in their stillness. It truly appears as a mesmerizing canvas of white.

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