According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the direct contribution of travel and tourism to Pakistan’s GDP in 2016 was US$7.6 billion (PKR 793.0 billion), constituting 2.7% of the total GDP. By 2025, the government predicts tourism will contribute ₨1 trillion to the Pakistani economy.So, Pakistan can earn very much from just tourism.

Pakistan is a homeland of beauty and charming views and a cause of great attraction from worldwide tourists. Almost every person on planet wish to visit and witness the beauty of Pakistan and travel in Pakistan. Every part of our beautiful Pakistan is alluring. From beaches to landscapes to mountains to the highest highway in the world and the count goes on. Pakistan is also known for its beautiful culture and hospitality. Once you visited Pakistan than it will be difficult for you to leave the country because of the love you get here from people. The Northern area of Pakistan is the most attractive point for tourists and some of the best destinations just like Hunza in Gilgit-Baltistan province. Following picture shows the beautiful view of Passu cones in Gojal,Hunza captured by an amazing photographer follow him on Instagram as well @cal_me_traveler.

Pakistan also witnessed the history and culture of old ages and also have some beautiful and astonishing historical sites in almost every city. Lahore is the city where you can find culture and history very much.

Above picture is of Chaburji captured by @cal_me_traveler. This is an architecture of Mughal era. And there are many architectures like this in Pakistan and all of these are from Mughal era.

Pakistan also have world’s beautiful beaches such as in Karachi and Gawadar. Islambad is the capital of Pakistan and considered as the world’s most beautiful capital in the world. Every year hundred thousands of tourists came to Pakistan and travel here and they just loved every thing about Pakistan from its people to culture to landscapes to everything they fell in love.

Recently Pakistan caught eye because of a beautiful cricket ground that is in Gawadar every one in the social media was talking about that ground that is considered to be the worlds most beautiful ground. This is the era of technology and everyone is using Social media nowadays. Social media plays a vital role in showing the image of a country. And by the grace of Allah Almighty Social media platform helped Pakistan alot  to improve its tourism. Now government is considering this tourism industry as a vital role in country and day by day the tourism in Pakistan is improving and coming comfortable such as they are mending roads and making new highways so that people can easily reach there destination. Government is working on making Pakistan clean and green and also the nation is playing its part in this initiative. Many roads like motorways and other highways such as Korakoram Highway is a miracle in itself. Probably the most beautiful highway in the world with alluring views and landscapes, view that you wont find any where in the world, for sure. You witnessed snow capped mountains and some beautiful lakes on the way such as Attabad lake is the most famous among them. And than there is Khunjerab pass which is the border between China and Pakistan. It’s the highest border in the world also there situated an ATM machine of NBP there which holds the world record of highest ATM machine in the world. At Khunjerab pass you can find many animals wandering on snow capped mountains like snow leopards, Markhors and some other extinct animals.

In Punjab province you find the culture the green lands every where. Some of the most beautiful villages Punjab have them. Pakistan is an agricultural country and most of its agriculture is from province Punjab. This province have five rivers passing through.

These things are the main reasons why everyone had a dream to visit Pakistan once in life.

Following are some main tourist spots in Pakistan although every place is amazing but these following are the best,

  • Hunza
  • Passu cones
  • Khunerab Pass
  • Sakardu
  • Lakes (Attabad lae, SaifAlMaluk Lake, Lulusar Lake, Ansu Lake)
  • Swat
  • Malam Jabba
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Beaches in Karachi
  • Gawadar
  • Landscapes in Balochistan

Inshallah in the future Pakistan will be the best and dream place for any tourist. Just keep the Pakistan clean and help others who are paying their part for the country. Make Pakistan clean and green.

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