Why You Should Have Rolled Ice Cream for Dessert in Your Events?

Everyone loves ice cream. It’s a long-established tradition that has always delighted children, youths and elderly alike with every lick reminding us of the good summer days, tranquil beaches, afternoon bicycling and having your favourite ice cream to make every moment memorable. Though a rare treat back then, ice cream nowadays, much like everything else has seen quite an innovation in terms of flavour, preparation, serving and all we know.

From the typical cups, cones and sticks, there’s another way to make ice cream whereas the style emerged from Thailand. You guessed it right, rolled ice creams that are also known as stir-fried ice creams because of the way they’re prepared. Rather than going deep into the origins and preparation of creamy rolled frozen dessert, these ice creams are now part of the royal menu for many different occasions and events. Let’s have a look why!

  1. Nostalgic

Ice cream is a nostalgia to almost everyone since we’ve all grown up with the sweet trend that has always pleased us in times of joy and sorrow. In many different events especially birthdays, wedding ceremonies and informal corporate get-togethers, rolled ice creams have become a staple.

The biggest pro fact is its preparation that you can witness live as rolled ice creams, like the one you always preferred at Toronto’s best rolled ice cream is prepared in a special deep freeze pan and served immediately. So, you can say it’s double time the fun, excitement and nostalgia to make your event even more grandeur.

  1. Incredible & All Mesmerising

From the folk streets of Thailand to all over the world, it didn’t take long for rolled ice creams to set a new trend in the world of frozen desserts. They’re incredible, mesmerising and the fact that these are prepared live, right in front of you, makes them even more tempting. Other than the traditional cups and cones, having a rolled ice cream in your event is sure to make guests even more inquisitive about the dessert option since it’s still a rare thing for many.

  1. Exclusive

Even though rolled ice creams are now common all over the world, it still hasn’t reached to its fullest yet with many people being unfamiliar. People love the preparation and what makes these even more unique is adding the flavour that can be anything you like for instance mango, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate, biscuit, strawberry or something premium like Ferrero Rocher.

  1. Everyone’s Favourite

Whether old or young, there’s something special to ice cream that always makes you fall in love with it. The delicious creaminess and rich, authentic flavour of rolled ice cream has got everything to make your mouth drool and have the way you love it like in cones or in cups. Real flavours are then added which makes the rolled ice cream taste even richer and indulgent. So, if you wish to make your next event even more memorable, including rolled ice cream in the menu is definitely a must.

  1. For All Seasons & Year Long

Ice creams are always in season, no matter what time of year it is. In fact, ice cream sells twice in winter than in summer which makes them even more welcoming for events. And having rolled ice cream in the menu during winter is sure to heat up the event and set a new trend.

Now that we know a few amazing reasons to have rolled ice cream at your event, order in bulk or simply visit your favourite Roll Me Up  in Toronto where they also have premium desserts from The Cheesecake Factory.

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