World’s Best Bungee Jumping Spots

Are you an adrenaline enthusiast? If so, check out these nail-biting bungee jumping spots worldwide. It’s amazing how thrilling it can be to leap off a cliff or a building, isn’t it? But it is. Here we are, so become a daredevil and push yourself to the limits.

Even though bungee jumping is short-lived, the experience is life-altering. Experience the intensity, starting from the butterflies in your stomach before the leap to the exhilarating surge of adrenaline that follows. If you’re ever in the mood to test your boundaries or embrace the spirit of a thrill-seeker, visit these top bungee jumping destinations and set yourself free!

Jumping from the bridge is too much of a thrill to pass up. Try it!

World’s Best Bungee Jumping Spots

Here is a dropdown list of all the best bungee jumping places in decreasing order. Keep reading to find out which one is the best.

1. Nevis Highwire, New Zealand – 134 meters


Taking the plunge is a must when you’re in New Zealand. After all, you’re in the land of adventure. Nevis River Valley is located in the picturesque surroundings of the Southern Alps. When you fall free from this nail-biting bungee, your veins will pump with adrenaline. It has a glass floor so that you can watch your friend Daredevil on the suspension bridge. It is one of the best bungee jumps in the world.

What to expect: 8.5-second free fall

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

2. Navajo Bridge, Arizona, US – 141.5 meters


Its location makes the Navajo Bridge in Idaho, Arizona, one of our top 11 bungee jumping spots worldwide. Even though the stunning vistas of Grand Canyon National Park may leave you in awe, plunging from a 141.5-meter height off this bridge is guaranteed to evoke exhilarating screams of joy and adrenaline.  The Colorado River has not one but two Navajo bridges. 

What to expect:  After the free fall, take a refreshing dip in the Colorado River for four seconds.

Location: Grand Canyon National Park, Idaho, Arizona

3. Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, Finland – 150 meters


You’ll find the highest bungee jumping point in Finland’s oldest park and awe-inspiring views. Adventure junkies will be astonished by the idea. There is also free-fall jumping on the ocean platforms or ‘pub bungee,’ which mixes cocktails with bungee. It is undoubtedly the best bungee jump in the world.

What to expect: There is a bungee jumping festival between July and August.

Location: Located at Iso Puistotie, Ehrenstrom Tie, and Itainen Puistotie in Helsinki, Finland 00140

4. Bhote Kosi River, Nepal – 160 meters


At 160 meters above sea level, this is one of the world’s highest bungee jumping spots. You have the option to record yourself, capturing the moment, and obtain a DVD version to proudly showcase your fall in the future. You must admit; this is one of the best bungee jumps in the world.

What to expect: Expect a thrilling, action-packed full-day tour featuring camping and river rafting in Bhote Koshi, along the Nepal-Tibet border, where you’ll find this bungee jumping spot.

5. Altopiano di Asiago, Vicenza, Italy – 175 meters


You should visit Altopiano di Asiago if you ever want to jump off a bridge (in a spirit of adventure) while on vacation in Italy. For adventure enthusiasts, participating in the bungee jumping ritual from Italy’s highest point is renowned as one of the finest traditions worldwide. 

What to expect: Anticipate breathtaking vistas of its valleys at the Asiago Plateau, situated in Enego VI, Italy along SP76.

6. Niouc Bridge, Switzerland – 190 meters


By bungee jumping off the Niouc bridge, renowned as one of the finest bungee jumping locations globally, you won’t just receive chocolates but also immerse yourself in the exhilaration of adventure. For those truly daring, take the leap from this suspension bridge and become part of this thrilling escapade.

What to expect: Check out the flying fox, cliff jumping, zip lining, and giant swing while you’re there.

Location:  Route d’Anniviers, 3960 Niouc, Switzerland

7. Europabrucke Bridge, Austria – 192 meters


Experience the breathtaking descent from Europabrucke Bridge, Europe’s highest bridge and an extraordinary feat of engineering in Austria, providing you with unparalleled thrills. During the summer, the activity is available when the weather is favorable. A bungee jump here is only open for 60 days a year. Leap into the verdant valley and climb to 192 meters. This is one of the best places in the world to bungee jump.

What to expect: This is one of the best places in the world for bungee jumping because of the stunning views of the valley.

Location:  Schönberg, Parkplatz Europabrücke 3, 6141

8. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa – 216 meters


Bloukrans Bridge presents numerous exhilarating opportunities, standing as one of the world’s highest bungee jumping spots, and providing multiple doses of adventure. You are taken to the archway of Africa’s largest bridge, where you zip line, then hurl down the bridge. Furthermore, it is one of the premier destinations for bungee jumping.

What’s more: Get a winch and ride back up the bridge after the fall to view the valley’s spectacular views from the suspended walkway.

Location: Nature’s Valley, Western Cape, South Africa

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9. Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland – 220 meters


Interested in jumping like James Bond? The Verzasca Dam in Ticino Valley is among the best bungee jumping spots. The Verzasca Dam can easily be recalled from the movie Goldeneye. When it comes to the finest locations for bungee jumping globally, the emphasis extends beyond mere altitude to encompass an unparalleled adventure. Give the renowned ‘007’ leap a try, and encounter the sensation of being Pierce Brosnan himself. Ensure you secure your reservations ahead of time to guarantee your chance to take the plunge.

What to expect: Experience the exhilaration of a James Bond-like sensation during a thrilling 7.5-second free fall in the captivating surroundings of Valle Verzasca.

Location: Valle Verzasca, situated at 6633 Lavertezzo in Switzerland.

10. Macau Tower, China – 233 meters


There has finally been an opportunity to bungee at the world’s highest commercial bungee jumping spot – Macau Tower. Participate in the world’s highest commercial bungee jumping adventure, endorsed by the Guinness Book of World Records. The experience is so unique that even the chords, ropes, and bungee system had to be developed to make it one of the best places to jump.

What to expect: Experiencing vertigo? Brace yourself for an intense surge of adrenaline in Sé, Macau.

Location: Sé, Macau

11. Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand – 43 meters


In 1986, Aj Hackett embarked on a daring adventure on the Kawarau Suspension Bridge in Auckland, where he fearlessly leaped off the edge, relying solely on a rubber cord to break his fall. This pivotal moment marked the inception of an extraordinary journey, making it undeniably unparalleled. In no time, he became obsessed with bungee jumping, and that’s how the world’s first commercial bungee jumping facility was created!

What to expect: To access this location in the world, you have the option of taking a taxi from your starting point.

Location:  Queenstown Trail, located in Arrow Junction, New Zealand.


Bungee jumping is an exhilarating and adrenaline-filled adventure that can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From the breathtaking views of Interlaken, Switzerland, to the rustic coastline of Queenstown, New Zealand, these 11 best bungee jumping spots will surely give you a truly unforgettable experience. Discover your ideal bungee jumping destination today, whether you seek a thrilling adventure or an opportunity to venture into new experiences!

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